Engagement session: Cooking class for two – Fernanda and Richard

If you are looking for an original engagement session inspiration, look no further. Today’s post is bringing a lovely romantic engagement session that is everything but ordinary.

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Fernanda is Brazilian and Richard is British, they both live in London. They met when Fernanda was living abroad and she found love overseas and never more went back home.

Fernanda and Richard love traveling to Italy whenever is possible, and in one of their trips, they visited Puglia for a weekend and fell so in love with the simplicity and the white washed walls of the region, that they decided to get married there next year.

To help them with their Destination Wedding mission, they found Anna (In The Mood For Love), who is also based in London. For their engagement session, they decided to fly the talented photographer Francesco Gravina, from Italy to meet them in a small corner of Puglia, a bistro in London called Pulia, where you literally feel transported to the region of Puglia.

“We spent the whole afternoon at this lovely bistro, where Fernanda and Richard had a cooking lesson with the manager Gianni and his team, and cooked orecchiette – a typical pasta from Puglia (shape of an ear). For the evening, a change of dress for Fernanda and a romantic walk along the river Thames. The evening ended with a delicious dinner back in the bistro.”


engagement session - cooking class - couple - bride - groom - bride-to-be - engaged - engagement - engagement photos - creative engagement photos - engagement photos ideas - romantic dinner - italian food - pulia london - england - spring 0009_02_engagement-session-flower-shop 0009_03_engagement-session-flower-shop 0009_04_engagement-session-flower-shop 0009_05_engagement-session-market-london 0009_06_engagement-session-market-london 0009_07_engagement-session-london-streets 0009_08_engagement-session-portraits-london-streets 0009_09_engagement-session-portraits-london-streets 0009_10_engagement-session-bride-to-be-yellow-bouquet-and-shoes 0009_11_bride-to-be-portrait-engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_12_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_13_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_14_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_15_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_16_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_17_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_18_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class 0009_19_engagement-session-italian-cooking-class

I’m seriously in love with the photos and the whole idea. But hold your breath, the next portraits are to die for:

0009_20_engagement-session-portraits-london-streets 0009_21_engagement-session-portraits-london-streets 0009_22_engagement-session-portraits-thames-river-london 0009_23_engagement-session-portraits-thames-river-london 0009_24_engagement-session-portraits-thames-river-london 0009_25_engagement-session-portraits-thames-river-london

I can’t wait for the wedding pictures next year. Wish Fernanda and Richard a happy planing and a lifetime of happiness.

What do you think of having a cooking class for your engagement photoshoot? Leave your thoughts below and don’t forget to share it to inspire other people and pin your favorite images! 🙂

Photography: Francesco Gravina  Creative Direction & Styling: In The Mood For Love • Location: Pulia • Succulent dress: Lavish Alice • Black Dress: Vintage Dress 1950 • Fernanda’s shoes: Office • Engagement ring: Thomas Sabo • Makeup and Hair: Da Silva Beauty 

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