If I had to describe love in a few words, I would say it is an easy and sweet feeling, it’s something that brings peace and happiness. And how incredible is it when we find someone who wants to live this feeling with us forever?

I think you can already see the type of romantic person you are dealing with here, right? Being the good Pisces that I am, I couldn’t be any other way: romantic, art enthusiast (Graphic designer for a career and, sometimes, DIYer just for fun), distracted and, of course, always daydreaming; But what I couldn’t have dreamed of was that my better half was in a faraway country, and that fate would give us the once in a lifetime opportunity to cross paths (our story is worth reading, I told everything here).

Since we are not the most conventional couple – I’m Brazilian and Catholic, he is American and Jewish, I decided to dive into the wedding universe to better plan our special day. But my love for weddings grew so big, it had to be shared – and it was then that “My Sweet Engagement” was born! Here I’m going to share the most romantic love stories, beautiful weddings full of personality from all over the world (because love knows no bounds!), and everything else I get to learn along the way!

Xx, Alessandra